Digital portfolios

Submitting a digital portfolio

digital portfolioIf you can't attend an interview in person, you can submit your portfolio digitally.

For image-based work

  • Images must be hosted on a publicly available image-sharing service such as Flickr, Picasa, Behance or on a blogging service like Blogger or Wix. The images must be viewable without any password or login required.
  • You must provide a single link to the first image in the portfolio, so that we can work through the images in sequence. Each image should be accompanied by a short explanation of the work as a caption or title.
  • Think about the sequence of images and how they show your work, your ideas and development.
  • Include your full name and details on either the first or last page of the portfolio.

For video-based work

  • Upload your video(s) to a hosting service such as YouTube, Vimeo or Youku. If you have more than one video, make a channel or playlist which shows the work in sequence.
  • Include an explanation of the work in the caption/titles, including details of your role in the production.
  • Include your full name and details on either the first or last page of the portfolio.
  • Include the link to your portfolio at the end of your personal statement when you apply.

See more information on what to include in your portfolio.

Your portfolio should be unique to you and represent your experience and interests in your chosen field. We are looking for strong ideas well executed.
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