All you need to know about university funding

Mother and daughter talking Your son or daughter should apply for student funding as soon as the finance application process opens. This is usually in the March before their course starts.

It is important to apply early to ensure that the application can be processed and the money made available in time for the start of the term.

Apply for student finance

Need more advice?

Contact us at if you have queries about student funding or want to ensure that you child receive the full funding they are entitled to – we are here to help.

You are also welcome to attend our budgeting and funding workshops through the year. These are held in the Hutton Hub on a drop-in basis or via pre-booked appointments.

How to support your son or daughter

Having a good understanding of what they spend their money on, will help your son or daughter to manage their finances during their time at university. Help your child to work out a basic budget and encourage them to look for money-saving options when shopping. Take a look at our finance tips.

Your son or daughter should make a separate funding application for each year of their course. Remind them to keep an eye on the deadline dates to ensure the loan application is submitted on time each year. This will ensure the money is paid at the start of each academic year.

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