Finance tips

Plan your budget

Carefully planning a budget will help you cope financially while at university. Use this budget planner as an example.

Weekly average student budget
Average expenditure Living in halls of residenceLiving in private rented accommodation
 Rent£69 - £118 *£70 - £115 *
 Books £13.50£13.50
Day to day travel£20 **£20 **
 Household bills-£15
 Mobile phone £6£6

Please note that these figures are a guideline only, amounts will vary depending on an individual students requirements.

* Find out more about accommodation fees

** Remember travelling home can be expensive. We suggest that you set aside £175 for this each year - obviously this depends on where you live.

Money saving tips 

You can make your money go further with these money-saving tips:

  • Look out for shops, services, restaurants and bars offering student discounts.
  • Buy own brand products - we have found most students can't actually tell the difference when tested.
  • Shop for food on a full stomach – that way you're less likely to impulse buy.
  • Buy second-hand text books online or from students in the year above.
  • Take advantage of buy one get one free offers in supermarkets. Bulk buying with friends will also save money.
  • Cut utility bills by getting advice on how to save energy. For useful tips, see the Energy Saving Trust
  • Try to cook more than one meal at a time and freeze the leftover food for another day.
  • Only take out the amount of cash you've budgeted to spend on a night out.
  • Try to save some money each month for emergencies.
  • Any questions?

    Contact our Student Centre for more advice on fees and funding.

    +44 (0)1707 284800

  • Student finance calculator

    The student loans company have developed a finance calculator which will provide you with a tailored estimate of the financial support you could receive.

    Access the student finance calculator.