Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CATS)

Two students with a laptop.

What is CATS?

The Credit Accumulation and Transfer Programme (CATS) is a flexible modular programme that allows you to create a bespoke and coherent course that suits both your strengths and interests.

This flexible programme enables you to choose different subject areas to study across all ten schools at the University of Hertfordshire, creating your own unique course.

Our CATS programme is available at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and you'll be able to gain anything from a full undergraduate degree or postgraduate diploma to a single award in a certain module, perfect for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or simply as a refresher course.

If you are an exchange student and studying at the University as part of your year abroad, you'll be able to use the credits you gain studying with us when you return to your original country of study to complete your course.

Find out more about gaining credit points and full and part time study methods.

Why choose a CATS course?

The Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CATS) Programme can help you:

  • Gain a higher education qualification
  • Claim credit for prior studies
  • Improve your career prospects through developing new skills and building upon existing ones
  • Prepare for a return to work or a career change
  • Widen your knowledge and broaden your interests
  • Gain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for your current role

Who is CATS for?

The unique structure of the CATS programme means that it is appropriate for people with a wide range of needs, from those wishing to study for an Honours degree, Masters or other Postgraduate award to those looking to broaden their interests and knowledge.

What our CATS students say

I have studied quite a lot before and did my teacher training through the University.

Scott Rickard