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Research Theme Champion:
Dr Sylvie Magerstädt (School of Humanities)

This research theme spans a wide range of research that explores our cultural history and heritage and the ways in which contemporary communities create identity and social cohesion. It encompasses a variety of human endeavour, from questions of faith and ethics to the importance of transportation and smart systems for modern societies.

Researchers within the theme of Heritage, Cultures and Communities further investigate how our cities and communities will look and function in the future and how these and other topics are translated and mediated through performance, narratives, images and material cultures.

The breadth of research within this theme highlights the interconnectedness of contemporary cultures and the ways in which our past and present influences our thinking about our future.

This page gives you direct access to some of our key projects and offers links to the Research Centres and Groups, degree courses, PhD opportunities, news and public engagement that come under the Heritage, Cultures and Communities research theme.

Key projects

Heritage Hub

Heritage Hub

Bringing together interests in history and heritage across the University of Hertfordshire...

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British Wittgenstein Society

British Wittgenstein Society

The Society was founded in 2007 by Dr Daniele Moyal-Sharrock to ensure that Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy continue to play a role in the 21st century...

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Electric Generations

Electric Generations

The project shows how the reception and understanding of electricity by different generations varied across the twentieth century...

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In Pursuit of Luxury

In Pursuit of Luxury

IPOL includes publications and the creation of a variety of programmes and initiatives which are delivered to academic, industry and public audiences...

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Ethics in Policing

Ethics in Policing

Professor John Lippitt discusses the complex ethical dilemmas faced by the police, their relation to some key virtues and the police Code of Ethics...

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Culture Talks

Culture Talks

Dr Sylvie Magerstaedt talks to staff at the University of Hertfordshire about their research...

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Research Centres and Groups

Meeting room in the LRCHeritage, Cultures and Communities research at the University of Hertfordshire takes place across a number of Research Centres, Groups and disciplines:

Doctorates, degrees and courses

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