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Policy|Herts presents research by University of Hertfordshire academics that provides new insights into issues at the top of the current policy agenda.

Our research explores the rise of the 'gig economy' and the challenges the changing world of work poses for employment rights and workers' wellbeing
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Analysis of our Health Behaviour in School Aged Children (HBSC) England study data is revealing new insights into self-harm, cyberbullying and girls’ wellbeing
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Our research shows how the food system can be adapted to promote healthy eating across two vulnerable groups: children and older people
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Evidence-based policy recommendations to improve healthcare for people with dementia and residents of care homes
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Air quality modelling research led by Professor Ranjeet Sokhi is supporting the delivery of new action plans to improve air quality in towns and cities
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Read our series of policy briefings based on research by University of Hertfordshire academics
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