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Who we are looking for

If you are committed to finding inspiring and sustainable solutions to fundamental social, economic and environmental problems, then University of Hertfordshire is the right place for your research.

Climate change, energy, engineering, healthcare, science and technology are just some areas where we are breaking new ground for the benefit of people in the UK and across the globe.

We offer a research culture which is defined by a strong spirit of enquiry, innovation and enterprise. Research also feeds into teaching and learning to enrich our students' experience.

Where you will work

You will be part of our vibrant research community working across one or more of our research themes. Find out more about what we do and get a better idea of where you could conduct your new research...

Research themes

Our research applies science and technology, and social and cultural investigation to food consumption and production, forging cross disciplinary collaborations between our different areas of expertise
Explore the food research theme
Our research addresses issues in the Global Economy including, innovation, development, and economic growth, with an emphasis on inclusive, sustainable processes and historical approaches to understanding the global economy
Explore the global economy research theme
Poor health impacts on the quality of life of those directly affected as patients but also on families, health systems and societies. Achieving and maintaining physical, mental, emotional and social health and wellbeing for all members of society is a major world-wide challenge
Explore the health and wellbeing research theme
This theme spans a wide range of research that explores our cultural history and heritage and the ways in which contemporary communities create identity and social cohesion
Explore the heritage, cultures and communities research theme
Information is vital to innovation in a rapidly changing world. With the advancement of information and communication technologies, an ever-increasing large volume of data contributes to solutions addressing societal challenges such as health and demographic change and ageing, food security, and clean energy.
Explore the information and security research theme
Our researchers work in diverse areas of Astrophysics, Atmospheric Physics and Mathematics, including both pure and applied research
Explore the space research theme